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This is the official Terms of Use document for GLAMRD website (thereafter “GLAMRD,” "website," “site,” “we,” "us," or "our") and related Mobile Application (“App”), which provides on-demand, beauty concierge services, anytime, anywhere. By accessing, browsing or using this Website and App, you (thereafter “User”) acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with these Terms of Use. This document (thereafter “Terms”) governs the content, activities and features (such as text, scripts, graphics, information, content, software, and services including on-demand and concierge beauty services) related to this Site or App.

These Terms are directed to those individuals and entities located in the cities where GLAMRD is offering beauty concierge services. By accessing or using this Website or App, its content, services and other information, you agree that you are above 18 years of age. You may not access or use the site or services if you are not at least 18 years old. You may use the services on behalf of individuals under 18 only if you are the parent or legal guardian of such individuals. Whether you are a registered user or not, you agree to be bound by the Terms mentioned here. These Terms are the agreement between GLAMRD and you. If these terms are not acceptable to you, you must immediately terminate your use of the Website or App. We reserve the right to update, change or modify these Terms at any time, without any prior notice. For this reason, you are advised to read this document carefully before accessing or using the Site or related App, whether or not you are a registered user.


1. Account Creation and Registration
You must register and create an account with GLAMRD in order to use certain features of our site or app. When registering with GLAMRD to become a registered user, you must provide accurate information and accept the Terms. You will not use false identities or use user name and password that you're not authorized to utilize while registering or using our website. You agree to maintain accuracy of information that is provided by you during registration process or during the use of our Site, App or Services. Our Privacy Policy contains information about our policies and practices regarding the collection and use of personal information we receive from you during registration or otherwise use of our website.

2. Use of Our Site or App
GLAMRD website, related App and listed services are available for any individual who wish to get beauty concierge services at their location, at their convenient time. While using the site or app, you are not permitted to modify or change any part of the website/app. You will not post any content on our website, app or service. You will not fail to deliver payment for your on-demand beauty services requested by your through the website or app. You will not manipulate our fee structure, the billing process, or fees owed to GLAMRD. You will not post spam, bulk electronic communications, distribute viruses or any other technologies on our Site or App. You will not translate, adapt, edit, or reverse engineer any software programs. You will not copy, modify or distribute trademarks or content from our Website or App.

3. Description of Our Services
Our on-demand beauty concierge services have been categorized into male and female services. You can select any service from the Menu and request the service on a specific date, at a specific time, and at a location of your choice. All looks or styles featured in the Menu, Website or App are approximations and may appear different on each individual user due to differences in facial structures, skin textures, and artist technique. You are responsible for obtaining access to our Website and App, and that access may involve third-party fees (such as Internet service provider or airtime charges).

4. Limitations of Our Services
GLAMRD does not provide beauty, spa, massage, hair, nails, or makeup services. We do not employ any Service Providers. You can request any service listed in our Menu and it is up to the Service Provider to offer the services which may be requested through our Website or App. We only offer information and a method to request such Services, but does not and has no responsibility or liability for any services provided by such third party Service Providers.

5. Service Requests
This Terms Agreement gives you the right to request our beauty concierge services at your specified location (but in the cities where we provide these Services) through the Website or App, for which you pay a fee. A Service Provider in your chosen location may accept or reject your request received based on his or her sole discretion. If you Request is accepted by a Service Provider, then you will be provided your requested service in accordance with your specifications. When requesting any service, do review applicable fees or charges for particular service. We may change fees or charges for any service any time and will update you by placing a revised schedule of fees and charges on our App. At the completion of service request, you must pay the fee to GLAMRD as set out for each service category.

6. For Stylists

  • Requirements to Become a GLAMRD Stylist

At GLAMRD, we ensure to provide quality beauty/salon/massage/grooming services to our customers, along with safety and security. To become a GLAMRD Stylist, you must have a professional beauty/salon/massage license, and professional insurance. We do background checks of our stylists for the safety of our customers. It also helps to ensure GLAMRD team is safe and secure. We do background checks at a cost of USD 35. We also assess your quality of service to make sure only qualified professionals come to our platform to provide salon, beauty or grooming service to our customers.

  • Stylist: Picture of Your Work and Social Media

A Stylist can take “Before and After Pictures/Photos” of their job, but only after obtaining consent from the customer. The Stylist shall share the pictures taken with us for promotional purposes on social channels, Website or App. If the Stylist posts the pictures taken on job to any social media platform, then GLAMRD must be hashtagged using #glamrdofficial. The Stylist must follow GLAMRD on each of our social media platforms.

7. Cancellation Policy

  • For Customers: No cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel a Request made through our GLAMRD App within 3 minutes after you got the confirmation from your stylist. If you cancel the request after 3 minutes of getting confirmation from your stylist, you will have to pay cancellation fee of USD 19.99. You may cancel your wedding and/or events Service Request made from Website or App before 8 hours of your scheduled time, without any charges. If you fail to cancel a confirmed booking before 8 hours, we reserve the right to charge you cancellation fee of USD 100 for wedding/events Requests. Service Request location cannot be changed without advanced notice and approval from GLAMRD.
  • For Stylists: A stylist needs to accept an appointment request that he/she received on the GLAMRD App within 3 minutes; otherwise, we will transfer the request to another stylist who is available in customer's specified location. If a stylist cancels a request after 3 minutes of accepting it, he/she will be charged cancellation fee of USD 19.99.

8. Account Termination
You can terminate your account at any time, without any reason. Once you have terminated your account your profile and personal information will be removed from our database. You don't have any right to use our services after terminating your account.

GLAMRD reserves the right to terminate your account or access to our Website or App if we find any breach of our terms stated herein or in any of the additional terms. When we will find a member is violating our proprietary rights or practices, we can immediately delete their account or profile and restrict their usage of our Website, App or our Services, with or without notice. If we terminate your registered account, we have no obligation to notify you of the reason, if any, for your termination.

9. Limited License
GLAMRD grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to access and use our Website, Mobile Application, and Services. Please note that you may not frame or utilize any technique to enclose the Website and Mobile Application or any portion thereof, without the prior written consent of. The limited license granted herein does not include the right to: (i) download, change or modify the Website and Mobile Application or its content; (ii) make any use of the Website and Mobile Application or its content other than for personal use; (iii) create any derivative work based upon either the Website and Mobile Application or its content; or (iv) use our software or take any other action that may impose an unreasonable load on our infrastructure. We may terminate the limited license set forth herein without any prior notice if we find any unauthorized use by you of the Website and Mobile Application. We may also take legal action to prevent violation of this provision and to enforce these Terms.

10. Intellectual Property
The content of the Website and Mobile Application including, which is not just limited to, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, software, and other material (the “content”) is the property of GLAMRD and is protected by local and international copyright laws. Any content or images of the Website and Mobile Application may not be reproduced, copied, distributed, used, sold, modified, or otherwise exploited without the prior written permission of GLAMRD. All trademarks that are owned by GLAMRD and appear on the Website and Mobile Application are our intellectual property.

11. Third Party Content
We occasionally provide advertisements or links to third party websites on our Website or App. However, we do not evaluate third party content or have the responsibility for their actions. When clicking to third party links or using their website, you must review the terms and conditions and privacy policies of third parties. You are not permitted to directly link any image, video or content available on our website in any manner. We reserve the right to remove or revoke your right to link content if you breach our policy after notifying you about this. In case you want to reproduce or otherwise use trademarks of others, we advise you to contact the rights holder before using them. It will be your own responsibility to check the right owner of the content & trademark and also validate the rights permission taken by you.

12. Community and Safety Guidelines
We want your experience of using or accessing our Website, App or Services to be enjoyable and rewarding. These Community and Safety Terms are designed to ensure that Users and Service Providers have a five star experience with GLAMRD.

Rules of Conduct for Users

  • You represent and warrant that: (i) you are using our Beauty Concierge Services only for your personal purposes; (ii) you are not a competitor of GLAMRD; and (iii) you will not (directly or indirectly) encourage any of our Service Providers to provide services, either to you or any other person, by circumventing GLAMRD. We may terminate a User’s Account if we believe: (i) the user is engaging in competitive activities through GLAMRD Website or App; (ii) has encouraged our Service Provider(s) to compete with GLAMRD; or (iii) has engaged in inappropriate behavior at any point during a beauty appointment with a GLAMRD Service Provider.
  • When our Service Provider comes to your specified location for delivering the Service you have requested, make sure you treat Service Provider with respect. You should be ready at the time when Service Provider arrives. You will prepare a clean space for your Service Provider to set up and work. It's User's responsibility to keep the space distraction-free, pets-free and kids-free so that your Service Provider can deliver the requested Service as you want and he/she can move safely around you while working. We all value our personal space and privacy. You (User) can chat with anyone during the Service, but do make sure it does not affect the Service quality of your Service Provider. Do not talk about your really personal life in front of your Service Provider that makes him/her uncomfortable to work. Do not comment on your Service Provider's appearance or do not touch or flirt with him/her. There will be no sexual conduct between User and Service Provider, no matter what.
  • You can message directly Service Provider through the GLAMRD Website or App, without ever having to share your personal phone number. This means your phone number is never shared with any of our Service Providers.
  • Any behavior involving sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using GLAMRD Services can result in the immediate loss of access to your account.
  • When you have received your requested Service, please rate your experience with us and give your honest feedback as it will help us to provide better Services to you and other Users.
  • GLAMRD is not responsible for any legal action as a result of any accusations or incidents that may occur during service while using the GLAMRD web, app or services platform.

Rules of Conduct for Service Providers

  • You (Service Provider) represent and warrant that: (i) you are using our Website or App only for providing on-demand, concierge beauty services to Users requested through our Website or App. (ii) you will not start similar business/service as GLAMRD; and (iii) you will not (directly or indirectly) encourage other Service Providers to provide services on your behalf. We may terminate a Service Provider’s Account if we believe: (i) you are engaging in illegal activities through GLAMRD Website or App; (ii) has encouraged other Service Providers to compete with GLAMRD; or (iii) has engaged in inappropriate behavior at any point during a beauty appointment with a GLAMRD User.
  • Service Provider will come fully dressed in a professional way. He/she will bring an extra pair of clean boots/booties to wear at your location to keep your space clean. Cleanup will be done by the Service Provider and he/she will dispose of used things thereafter. Everything needed for your Service will be brought by the Service Provider, except when User has certain specifications regarding beauty products. User will provide products of their preference, if they have any skin issue, allergies or special requirements.
  • GLAMRD will not be responsible for any legal actions as a result of any allergic, tragic reaction that product may cause during or after service has been delivered or performed as user has an option to use their own products provided to service provider
  • The way you (Service Provider) behave at User's location can have a big impact on the GLAMRD's reputation. Courtesy matters. That’s why Service Providers are expected to behave decently towards their client (User).
  • GLAMRD will not be responsible for any legal action at the result of behavior involving sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, theft or illegal activity while using GLAMRD Website, App or Services can result in the immediate loss of access to your account.

13. Disputes with Service Providers
You acknowledge and agree that in the event that a dispute arises between you and a Service Provider, you will first attempt to resolve any differences that you have in relation to the beauty services provided by that Service Provider. If you continue to have any problem in relation to a dispute with a Service Provider in relation to a project we encourage you to contact us. Upon receipt of any dispute, GLAMRD reserves full right to make the determination. Any and all disputes, controversies, claims, or causes of action will be settled through confidential arbitration. We may ask you and Service Provider to provide relevant documentation in support of their claims. We reserve the right to reject any document provided, if we find it to be irrelevant or inappropriate. You also agree that GLAMRD is not your alternative dispute resolution institution, and we are only acting as an ordinary reasonable person for dispute resolution.

14. Disputes with GLAMRD
With respect to any dispute pertaining to your access or use of our Website, App or Services, your rights and all actions contemplated by these Terms of Use shall be governed by the national and international laws. We strongly recommend you to first contact us to seek resolution by emailing us at

15. User Warranty and Indemnification
By using this Website or App, you warrant that your use will be consistent with these Terms. You agree to indemnify GLAMRD from all claims, losses, damages, judgments, and liabilities arising from or relating to your content or your use of the Website or App. If you have dispute with a Service Provider, you agree to release us (employees, subsidiaries, agents, and officers) from any kind of claims, damages, and demands arising due to any dispute.

16. Privacy Policy and No Warranty
We will use the information provided by you during registration, use or access of our Website or App in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy. All the information, texts, graphics and images used on this Website or App are provided on 'as available' basis and without any warranties of any kind. We do not warranty the reliability, veracity or accuracy of Website or App content, information or communication materials. They could be considered misleading or deceptively labeled by third party.

17. Miscellaneous
We will not be liable for any loss or damage in connection with your usage of our Services. If you're dissatisfied with our Website, App or Services, you can discontinue using or accessing our Website or App any time. All the terms and conditions mentioned here are governed by state and federal laws. These terms and conditions are an agreement between you and GLAMRD, by accepting them you agree that any action that may arise under the Terms of Use shall be heard in the appropriate court. We may terminate any of the rights granted by these Terms of Use. You shall comply with any termination notice by ceasing to use our Website and Mobile Application. We are under no obligation to review any information, content, messages or communication material sent to/through the Website and App by users and assumes no responsibility or liability relating to any such messages, information or content.  

18. Changes to Terms of Use
We reserve the right to add, change, modify, or delete any portion or full of these Terms at any time, with or without your prior notice. It is recommended to read these Terms from time to time for any changes. Your continued use of our website or services means that you accept the new updated Terms.

19. How to Contact Us
If you have any queries or feedback for our Website, App or Services, you can email us at:



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