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About Us

GLAMRD is on a mission to help you get the high-quality salon and beauty services, whenever and wherever you want with the convenience of not having to wait for an appointment and driving distances. We want professionals who provide those services to be able to get more business, showcase there talent, have more flexibility, and earn more money.


Beauty, Salon, Grooming, and Spa Concierge At Your Service, Anywhere, Anytime!

You never have to drive to your nearby salon or parlor again! We offer you something that traditional salons and parlors don't... convenience, privacy, professionalism, and quality services in a unique way.

GLAMRD is an on-demand beauty, salon, grooming, and massage services provider. We offer these services to men, women, and kids at your desired location, be it home, hotel room, workplace, or anywhere. We operate across all areas of West Palm Beach, Ft.Lauderdale and Miami. GLAMRD has Beauty Experts, Barbers, Stylists, Makeup Artists, Hair & Nail Professionals, and Massage Therapists who are well trained, experienced and are thorough professionals in the beauty, salon & grooming industry.

No more waiting! No more wasting time in a salon! Just download our GLAMRD App, select services you want, request appointment, and relax. Get personal and beauty service on your terms! Check our Services Menu here.


Get More Business, Have More Flexibility, Earn More Money, Be Your Own Boss!

GLAMRD is the FIRST beauty and salon concierge services app on the market built by salon & beauty business professionals for salon & beauty professionals.

GLAMRD allows beauty and salon professionals, artists, and stylists to scale their business and earnings. We have the tools, technology, and platform to help you build your business and have the flexibility that you want while you work. List your licensed salon service on the GLAMRD platform, determine when you want to work, and accept requests. Let us handle the rest, from sending you real time requests to transferring service payments to your account. We want you to be the unique service provider that you are. We want you to have the flexibility to be the professional you are passionate to be.

If it sounds good, then become a GLAMRD stylist. Click on Become A Stylist link here and get started.


Meet Our Visionary

GLAMRD is founded by Saun-jay A. Mcintosh and co-founded by Jason Rodriguez, both are salon business professionals, with over a decade of experience. They created an on-demand platform to connect customers with stylists to help clients get professional salon & beauty services on their terms, and enable professionals to provide these services in real time. This led to the formation of GLAMRD!

What are you waiting for? Download the GLAMRD App now! Enjoy our service or Get more business.




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