Bal Harbor

Bal Harbor

No need to go to a parlor or salon when you can get the best salon, beauty, and grooming service at a very affordable price, that too at your location in Bal Harbor and your convenient time. Request any beauty, salon, massage, or grooming service, we will service you on time, and every time. Your personal stylist is just a click away! Download our GLAMRD App now!

1How to Request?

Requesting your own On-Demand Beauty CONCIERGE Service is as easy as 1-2-3. (1) Download our GLAMRD App. (2) Select location and Service. (3) Pay for the Service, and you are done!

2Request Confirmation

Your request is confirmed through the App. You can message your stylist to communicate your specific location and directions. Now, get ready to be GLAMRD, your stylist is on the way!

3Enjoy Your Service

Stylist will arrive at your specified Bal Harbor location, with the right tools to provide you the requested Service. All you need to do is prepare space for your stylist to work, and enjoy OUR Service.